Goods handled

SHGT is one of the major operators in the handling of dry bulk in Le Havre.

We have established a reputation for the efficient handling of different types of cargoes, such as coal, agribulks, ores, cement, clinker, grain and sugar. We provide services in all segments of the chain : logistics, handling and storage.




Well established on two sites of Le Havre port (ore terminal and break bulk terminal), SHGT provides vessel, barge and truck handling operations.

About 1 million tonnes of coal are handled each year. Our quay draft of 17,5 meters enables us to accommodate vessels with a capacity of up to 160,000 tonnes.



Our subsidiary Sucre Océane is specialised in logistics of sugar in Le Havre. We offer 3 cells dedicated to sugar, with a total capacity of 45,000 tonnes.

Our subsidiary Cical transfers sugar by trains from sugar refineries to the Boulou (66) in the Eastern Pyrenees, where it has 4 cells with a total capacity of 8,000 tonnes.

To learn more about our sugar logistics, visit the Storage and handling of sugar page.


We own facilities dedicated to cement handling and our experienced staff conduct all necessary operations to unload vessels.

We handle about 100,000 tonnes of cement a year.



SHGT handles import clinkers on behalf of Vracs de L'Estuaire, from the wharf to the warehouse.